Meet general manager

Salim Özdemir

General Manager

As a result of years of experience on the way to trigological care, hair and skin diseases specialist consultancy in 2008, we have been serving as a specialist in firsthairs 2019 by receiving the best hair transplant award in Turkey. We have successfully performed more than 34.0000 successful hair transplant procedures. References care about our values ​​and The most reliable service of Turkey to the Middle East and European countries and consists of doctors, nurses, technicians and consultants who are experts in natural hair transplantation. Trained and accredited in accordance with world health principles Firsthairs hospital and other organization also In line with your trust and satisfaction Sheet planting techniques have been modernized With Firsthairs expert staff, we provide professional services in modern hair transplantation techniques and technology. We are Experienced in International Healthcare

In the center of Istanbul, First Hairs Hospital was established in the triangle of "medical staff, technological equipment and technical infrastructure" that can meet the health care needs of not only Istanbul and Turkey, but also the international arena, especially the Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and surrounding countries. Istanbul First hairs Hospital has brought many innovations in the field of health. First hairs family brings you together with your first hair with its equipment formed with advanced technology infrastructure. First hairs physicians can establish a video and audio connection with our patient from anywhere in the world, and can exchange views by examining patient reports. In this way, patients will be provided with a second opinion, as well as obtaining a preliminary opinion from our physicians for patients coming to our country from abroad. Our specialist doctors in their fields take the first steps of your new hair by making your hair transplant painless and even making you smile. In our full-fledged hospital, we reliably accommodate our patients from abroad in their hotels and continue the treatment processes in our hospital with our guides with our VIP vehicles.